About Annhariz

The ‘Ann’ in Annhariz stands for Azizah Nawawi Nordin. Azizah is my given name, Nawawi my father’s name and Nordin, my husband’s name. Hariz is a shortened version of Harizah, what my name should have been at birth. You see when I was born, in those days, there were not many literate folks who could write, what more spell.The task of registering my birth was delegated to a neighbour, according to my late mother.My elder sister who was born one and a half years earlier was named Norharizan. And my mother wanted me to be named Norharizah.

During the period preceding my birth, a Malay movie called ‘Penarek Beca’ (translated to ‘Trishaw Rider’ in English) was very popular. The heroine in the movie was a lady named Azizah.

So to cut the story short, the neighbour upon reaching the police station where births were reported then, forgot the name my mother has requested him to register and named me Azizah instead.

So I carry the name ‘Azizah’ till today. I have some experience in development banking; and financial, and socioeconomic advisory and consultancy services.

Internet marketing business is my latest venture.
I have chosen maintaining good health to be my niche.I will blog on the general state of health in our community and healthy tips to stay healthy.